The fourth generation of the OSS systems by GISware Integro | GISware Integro

The fourth generation of the OSS systems by GISware Integro

November 1st, 2021, GISware Integro releases OSS TORUS system — the fourth generation of software for networks Performance Management and Services Quality Monitoring (PM & SQM). The new OSS TORUS generation follows the modern trends in which PM & SQM systems tend to evolve. Among which, the usage of artificial intelligence and application of machine-learning algorithms, extending support for 5G and IoT equipment and services, resulting into new points of view over the network elements performance, simplification of end-user interaction with the system.

Key differences that OSS TORUS 4.0 compared to its predecessor has:

  • Dashboards — provide top-level express overview of the overall network status and actual state of all the necessary indicators (configurable), concentrated at the large screens or info-walls, thus providing managers with comprehensive online reporting in real-time;
  • UI and UX improvements, such as instant filtering and ad-hoc search, responsive interactive UI graphics, flexible styling of the data displayed, all aimed at increasing efficiency of your telecom employees;
  • 5G equipment and IoT devices support allows to boost expansion of modern generation of high-speed low-latency networks, laying the path for such futuristic appliances as tele-medicine, man-less vehicle drivers and automated logistics, metaverse, etc., starting with so small steps as putting under control so many small IoT devices, most of which are bound to some location, that means — bound to map;
  • Multisource and transparent support for time-zones allows you to quickly put together and combine into a single view a variety of data of different nature coming from many sources located at different places. What can vary: RAN or TN or other subsystem where data comes from, HW vendor (usually affects the KPI formula), HW microcode release, KPI aggregation level (Cell, BS, location site, region, macro-region, etc.), KPI aggregation method (integral: min/max/avg/sum, or busy-hour), types of network elements and object types of statistics data collected, many others. These features allow you to create cross-technology indicators (for example, ones, that compare traffic passing through RAN and one passing through TN and correlate those to alarm events), indicators based on previously developed time patterns with respect to their standard deviation, historic and extrapolated trends. It results in the new opportunities for telecom operator to analyze network statistics deeper, search for root cause of accidents faster, automate reporting and alarming better, build up positive feedback businesswise, thus winning the competitive race.

At the same time, event more new OSS TORUS features are under construction now:

  • Clusters — feature to aggregate the arbitrary data against the sets, dynamically defined by users, which will extend capabilities for analysis and reporting and expand the functionality for maintaining of IoT networks;
  • AI-based smart analytics — automatic identification of correlations between seemingly independent events, automatic adjustment of thresholds for accidents identification based on historic data, forecasting degradation events on the network. These all will allow the telecom operator to proactively respond to possible problems and prevent them.

Thanks to initial robust system architecture and its high performance, there is no need in additional CPU or disk capacities to become ready for rolling out the new generation of OSS TORUS.

OSS TORUS 4.0 was presented to Tele2 Russia. Company employees start to use the new functionality already to address new era challenges. Introduction of the new functionality will allow Tele2 Russia to quickly respond to changes in their network performance, and to plan and launch 5G network rollout.

GISware Integro continues to improve its product. OSS TORUS development roadmap can be found here.


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