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Telecommunications technology is an integral part of modern human life and society.

Sometimes its presence is evident — like a mobile phone call, and sometimes it remains hidden — like an instant money transfer to a distant part of the world. But we absolutely cannot imagine our life without either of those two telecom technologies. It’s through them the distance between people no more hinders communication; to browse Google or Wikipedia for information – even when it’s difficult to suggest in which books it should be looked up, — feels as natural as breathing in when you need air; and a housewife can do part time job online.

Such a global demand for «distance killing technologies» among all walks of life in virtually all at least partly civilized countries pushes telecom industry forward at such an up-tempo that absolute majority of other areas can only dream of.

For us telecom has developed from one pilot project into priority growth area.

We first entered telecom industry in 2002 when Internet and mobile phones were far from common, Dial-Up term sounded almost magical, and FIDO network enjoyed its last golden years. Much has changed since — both on the outside and within us. Across the globe Internet and mobile communications reached each and every one, dedicated Internet line is normal, and FIDO is remembered by just a few enthusiasts. For us telecom has developed from one pilot project into priority growth area.

In 2011 we celebrated 5th anniversary since launching GLOBUS information system [more about GLOBUS], the second generation of our Performance & Quality Management systems, which we’d developed in close cooperation with VympelCom Group specialists and which was instrumental in providing the Group’s engineers with information on the equipment and services condition throughout the network.

We like creating really useful solutions that bring us all — humans — another step closer to each other!

At the moment our portfolio features a whole range of projects carried out in partnership with big national and international players of telecommunications services market starting from Performance Management systems and finishing with billing. After 10 years of our presence in the industry on the borderline of telecom and IT we’ve gained much experience and grown a team of developers able both to speak the telecom specialists language and make their expert contribution as early as on system design stage.

One of our latest developments, TORUS system, has been highly estimated by users and is much-in-demand not only by telecom operators, but also IT departments of major companies.


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