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Success story: VimpelCom

VimpelCom Info-letter 2011-08-04 (EN) (original letter)

Globus information system — a second generation system on TORUS Platform — was successfully introduced in 2006 in VimpelCom JSC (NYSE VIP, one of the Big Three telecom operators in Russia). Introduction of the system was preceded by complex comparison study of Performance Management system available at the market.

The following criteria facilitated the decision in favour of Globus information system:

  • ownership cost (TCO) including introduction, support, development and operation;
  • presence of universal data provision model;
  • simple connection to data sources;
  • possibility to create and edit user-defined KPI/KQI;
  • system scalability potential and hardware requirements;
  • quick and quality support;
  • presence of open interfaces for integration with other OSS.

In shortest time possible (6 months) network radio access equipment, cross connect equipment, batch data transmission equipment and some other platforms were integrated into Globus information system: RTBS, SMS-C, MMS-C. Later data collection from transport equipment and VAS platforms was initiated, and Globus was integrated with other OSS: umbrella emergency monitoring system, stock control system and radio planning system.

The first years of Globus operation allowed to:

  • enable around the clock quality monitoring of the services provided and operation of more than 40 types of network elements in different subsystems (BSC, RNC, MSC, RTBS, RRL, SMS-C, etc) from the leading manufacturers (Alcatel, Cisco, Comverse, Ericsson, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, etc);
  • double the VimpelCom engineers work performance to solve the networks planning and optimization issues, equipment utilization and reports generation;
  • shorten 3-5 times the duration of detection and analysis of the network and service supply issues;
  • guarantee the continuous networks quality control during the equipment implementation and reconfiguring;
  • automate the equipment workload control;
  • generate the equipment health, network availability and services quality reports in time.

The same analysis, repeated in 2010, confirmed the right choice. Total cost of ownership (TCO) of the IS Globus turned out to be several times lower than the one calculated for the similar systems.

At present the IS Globus is one of the core elements of the VimpelCom infrastructure. More than 80 Gb data per day in processed by the system. More than 1000 users get the round-the-clock access to the tens of thousands of various KPI/KQI. IS Globus has become essential tool for the central and regional monitoring and utilization branches operation, network planning and optimization, quality and marketing, and for the company management.


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