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13 September, 2022

New version of OSS TORUS supports alternative and opensource RDBMS - PostgreSQL. This now allows to optimize costs for small to medium PM systems installations, to increase architecture unification and to provide more native and seamless integration with cartographic platform TORUS Maps.

There were many new features added to OSS TORUS this...

01 November, 2021

November 1st, 2021, GISware Integro releases OSS TORUS system — the fourth generation of software for networks Performance Management and Services Quality Monitoring (PM & SQM). The new OSS TORUS generation follows the modern trends in which PM & SQM systems tend to evolve. Among which, the usage of artificial intelligence and application of machine-learning algorithms, extending...

23 July, 2021

GISware Integro company proudly presents TORUS Maps – a new web-based GIS platform for visual analysis and interactive management of spatial data which comes from various sources and changes in time. TORUS Maps is a versatile web mapping system, ready for high-load and suitable for any business and departments, which deal with geo-objects, their attributes,...

01 February, 2021

A prototype of new Smart Search system was rolled out by GISware Integro company in Tele2 Russia, — being an innovative product which facilitates a simpler search through the multi-typed data stored in various information systems. Smart Search integration to OSS TORUS was tested by Tele2 users and was highly appreciated.

Smart Search integrates with any information systems, knowledge...

25 December, 2020

SmartGIS system built on top of our TORUS Maps software platform was successfully integrated by GISware Integro company into Tele2 Russia at the end of 2020. SmartGIS software is the GIS tool that automates customer requests handling, improves quality of responses and overall lifts the burden on customer support departments of telecom companies. It also facilitates resolution of various...

08 December, 2020

More than 6 years passed since OSS TORUS was rolled out in Tele2 Russia. During these years Tele2 has built modern 3G/4G networks in 67 federal subjects of Russia, launched network in Moscow and Moscow Region, renewed Core Network and now is heading up to 5G launch. All these activities weren’t be possible without the modern network performance and services quality...

15 January, 2015

GISware Integro being invited by the event host will take part in the federal business-forum «Telecom QoS Russia 2015 — Quality of the telecom services in Russia». The forum will start on February, 17, in the «InfoProstranstvo» event-hall.

GISware Integro will give a report on the objective parameters of the communication quality and will share their experience of work...

24 November, 2014

GISware Integro and Tele2 successfully completed the ambitious project on implementation of OSS TORUS, the network performance and services quality control system. OSS TORUS has allowed the customers’ capabilities and has become the major tool for Tele2 services and networks quality evaluation.

OSS TORUS is a development solution of the Russian...


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