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GISware Integro and Tele2 successfully completed the OSS TORUS implementation ambitious project

GISware Integro and Tele2 successfully completed the ambitious project on implementation of OSS TORUS, the network performance and services quality control system. OSS TORUS has allowed the customers’ capabilities and has become the major tool for Tele2 services and networks quality evaluation.

OSS TORUS is a development solution of the Russian company GISware Integro, which yields to none of the world’s best systems of that kind. Many years of working with the telecom companies and well planned software architecture made it possible to deploy the system transfer the data and train the users within the shortest time period. It took less than 5 months from the contract signing till the test operations start.

In their work on the OSS TORUS the GISware Integro specialists involved the numerous company’s know-how’s. Universal data model allows to connect any equipment to the system and calculate any type of parameters of any structure and complexity. The «Intelligent calculator» controls the data processing and provides the KPI recalculation for the delayed measures, balancing the database load. The queries reverse engineering makes it easier and faster to visualize the properties formulae, used in the calculation. The powerful web interface does not require Java or Flash components, while the efficient design and usage simplicity makes it possible to decrease dramatically the staff training time: 7 training hours for 400 system users. That is the unique result for such software solutions.

The OSS TORUS system is processing more than 100 Gb of operator’s data per day, gathering info on more than 7000 various markers and calculating about 1300 secondary parameters.

The system is easily scalable: new 2G, 3G and 4G networks start and new equipment connection allows to increase the processed information amount 3-5 times without changing the key system performance parameters and the gathered data retention time.

Usage of the GISware Integro solution by Tele2 makes it possible not only shorten the product cost of ownership (fast implementation, direct developer’s support in 24x7 mode), but also influences the operator’s income growth due to the constant and online network state and service quality control. With the system implementation in Tele2 the time lapse between the event pop up and the network overall calculated parameters has decreased several times and makes up to 8-15 minutes.

With the OSS TORUS installation Tele2 has received the fully company oriented customized service: due to the flexible system architecture the brand new functionality launch and the new equipment connection are performed within the shortest time period. It takes only few weeks, sometimes just few days, between the idea and the working instrument.

GISware Integro is the Russian high performance systems development company. The Company has been working at the Russian and European OSS/BSS solutions market for more than 10 years. The Performance Management class systems developed by the Company have been successfully implemented and are running at the Russian largest telecom operators, such as VimpelCom and Tele2.

Tele2 is the mobile telecom operator that has been working in Russia since 2003. After the completion of the new federal telecom operator establishing by merging the cellular capacities of Rostelecom and Tele2, the company operates on more than 60 regions and handles about 31 million subscribers. The Tele2 product portfolio contains the offers for the individuals as well as for small and medium business. Individual and corporate Tele2 clients are guaranteed to get the low prices and high quality of service, simplicity of connection and usage, European service level.


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