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GISware Integro is one of the few Russian software development companies, which competes with the IT giants on equal basis, having rather small team of highly qualified staff. The Company creates the unique products beating often the world’s leading software brands, and also the breakthrough solutions on their market niche, without any similar software in the world.

The Company was founded in 1999. First solutions were the municipal GIS systems and data processing software for engineering surveying. That is where our Company name came from, and we are proud of it. Nowadays the spatial data solutions stay the key area of our Company’s activity. Particularly, in year 2015 GISware Integro issues, together with the Finnish partners, its own developed CAD-system Spatix.

Since the middle 2000-s the Company’s major profile has become the commercial information systems and high performance data processing, moreover in such hi-tech and competitive field as telecom. Based on our own developed TORUS platform, three Performance Management systems generations were built. The Second generation system IS Globus was successfully implemented at the VimpelCom, OJSC, in 2007. The implementation was preceded by the overall comparative analysis of the similar class systems of the market. The same analysis, repeated in 2010, confirmed the right choice. Total cost of ownership (TCO) of the IS Globus turned out to be several times lower than the one calculated for the similar systems.

In year 2014 the Company successfully implemented the Third generation system, OSS TORUS, into the IT-infrastructure of the «Tele2 Russia» Group.

In its solutions GISware Integro combines the scientific research (including the work with the leading experts of the branch in Russia and abroad) and the software development optimization.

The Company is engaged in educational and scientific works housed by the leading high schools, takes part in non-commercial partnership «Phys-tech-Soyuz».

Artem Goranskiy
CEO GISware Integro


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