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OSS TORUS – 6 years in service!

More than 6 years passed since OSS TORUS was rolled out in Tele2 Russia. During these years Tele2 has built modern 3G/4G networks in 67 federal subjects of Russia, launched network in Moscow and Moscow Region, renewed Core Network and now is heading up to 5G launch. All these activities weren’t be possible without the modern network performance and services quality control system which OSS TORUS is.

After 6 years in operation, system collects statistics data from all the major types of equipment used in telecommunications. Data amount processed by OSS TORUS grew tenfold: now it is 2.5 TB per day and the whole amount of stored data exceeded 140 TB. Performance of the system stays high due to it’s innate scaling capabilities. OSS TORUS is ready for new challenges!

TORUS Maps – a new web-GIS tool was created in 2016 as a part of TORUS products line. It is an independent multifunctional product which can be used to view mobile network performance from a different angle.

OSS TORUS helped Tele2 Russia to decrease operational costs on KPI calculation and control, network problems analysis, reports generation which lead to increase of the service quality. In 2020 OSS TORUS covers Tele2 needs completely.

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GISware Integro company develops high-performance systems. The Company does business at the telecom OSS/BSS software market for more than 15 years. Our Performance Management systems have been successfully rolled out and now are used by VimpelCom and Tele2, the leading telecom operators in Russia.

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Tele2 Russia is the 3rd hugest mobile telecom operator company that has been working in Russia since 2003. After merger with Rostelecom, Tele2 rapidly rolled out LTE networks all over Russia – the project was unique both in its scale and time constraints. In 2019 Tele2 launched LTE networks in Yaroslavl and Ivanovo regions, thereby bringing the total number of regions up to 67, including Moscow and Moscow Region. As of 2019, Tele2’s subscriber base totals 44.6 mln. Tele2 launches the lifestyle enabler strategy and the “Other rules” communications platform. As a part of this campaign, operator develops innovative services that have no analogues at the Russian market.

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