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OSS TORUS features

Quality control automation

Rollout simplicity

  • Every type of network equipment (RAN, CS/PS Core, TN, VAS, …) can be connected
  • Support for equipment without its own OSS
  • Huge experience in dealing with equipment of major telecommunications vendors: Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Juniper, NEC

Advanced aggregation functionality

  • KPI from different vendors in one report (Huawei+Ericsson+Nokia)
  • Cluster aggregation
  • KPI from different subsystems (for example, RAN+Core) in one report

Swift appearance of new KPI

  • KPI are rapidly updated upon new hardware/software releases
  • Chained KPI (KPI over KPI) and KQI
  • KPI calculations based on equipment configuration
  • Variety of KPI aggregation levels

Prompt appearance of data after new equipment is added

  • Automated control over building RAN: advanced algorithms detect base stations in commercial/technical use and make it easy to catch the «online» moment
  • Automated control over equipment swap unavailability periods
  • Automated control over Data acquisition

Smart alarming

  • Thresholds for KPI monitoring online
  • Custom complex conditions can be monitored
  • Dynamic thresholds based on historical data
  • Correlation to alarms from FM system
  • SMS and Email notification module

Rich UI abilities

  • Vast variety of charts and tables for data visualization
  • Different features for monitoring and root-cause analysis: drill-down, drill-up, drill-across, highlight, export
  • Scheduled reports sent by Email
  • URL integration (direct links to reports)
  • Secure authorization, including SSL и NTLM
  • Ultralight client (HTML5, no admin rights needed at the client-side)

Integrated maps module

  • Fast network overview on the map
  • Visual data analysis
  • Transport network topology
  • Timing Advance (Propagation Delay) visualization
  • External or own-calculated coverage models


  • Custom focused pages designer supporting different types of visualization: charts, tables, maps
  • Pre-configured workspaces for different business roles
  • Consolidated overview reports scheduled for delivery by Email

Know-how sharing and knowledge-base accumulation

  • Pre-configured reports with defined user access
  • Personal stored queries, sharing reports between users
  • Builder for custom KPIs, exchanging KPIs between users
  • Visualization and analysis of live KPI formula


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